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名古屋城 798回目





Trip number 798 to Nagoya Castle! The Seinan (south west) and the Seihoku Kiyosu Yagura watchtowers are currently both open to the public. The Honmaru Goten Palace has a long line out front too!


Descendants of the Daimyo

What a day! Meeting with the planning division of a major banking group this morning, then to City Hall to be one of the judges for the new Toyotomi Hideyoshi tourist route logo, then to Tokyo to attend a book launch as a guest of friend, Mr. Akechi Kenzaburo, a historian and researcher, and the descendant of Akechi Mitsuhide, the samurai who is remembered as the “traitor who killed Oda Nobunaga.” Akechi Kenzaburo now researches the truth about his ancestor, and has uncovered some interesting facts regarding the shocking attack on Nobunaga in 1582. The party was also attended by the ancestors of warlords Kuroda Kanbei and Uesugi Kenshin!

With Akechi Mitsuhide’s descendant, historian and writer Akechi Kenzaburo

48952620_10217844954493826_2277232179060670464_nHistorian and writer Akechi Kenzaburo, and right, manga artist, Todo Yutaka


Kuroda Josui and Kuroda Nagamasa’s descendant, Mr. Kuroda Kiyohisa and Uesugi Kenshin, Uesugi kagekatsu descendant, Mr. Uesugi Takahisa



Japan Castle Expo 2018

Heading back home to Nagoya now after a day at the Japan Castle Expo. I was one of the seminar presenters today, with the theme being what non- Japanese see as the attraction and interest in Samurai castles. Filled our 150 seat limited space as fellow castle enthusiast, Andrew Autry and I chatted about the castles we’ve been to, and why we study them! The Castle Expo is an annual event, and also the gathering place for the nation’s top castle researchers and specialists!




My book, SAMURAI CASTLE Bilingual Guide, on sale at Castle EXPO


With Andrew Autry doing a talk show on Foreigners interest in Japanese castles



With Shunputei Shouta, Japan’s top Rakugo comic and castle fan


With Castle EXPO coordinator Kato San,  history writer Hirayama Yu,  and samurai castle researchers Kato Masafumi and Professor Nakai Hitoshi.


Castle researcher Naganuma San

お城EXPO9Castle researcher and writer Hagiwara Sachiko


Buratamori Book

The latest edition of the Buratamori TV series book is out now! Buratamori is a hugely popular NHK TV show in which Japan’s premier comedian and host, Tamori visits various regions, meets local historians and specialists, and discovers the history, culture and geographical features.
I was one of the specialists introducing the major samurai warlord, Oda Nobunaga, on the Gifu visit last year, and appear between pages 80-101…if you’re up for some X-mas reading,… In Japanese…






Iron Man 70.3 in Tokoname

My company, PPF, provided the interpreters for the Iron Man Participants’ visit to Tokoname Junior High today. The Iron Man Japan series took place in the ancient kiln town of Tokoname, south of Nagoya city over the weekend. Today, 10 of the Iron Man challengers from Australia, Germany, the US and Japan visited the school, took part in a series of fun Iron Man events against the kids, enjoyed a lunch and a talked to the students. Great piece of international friendship and sports rolled into one!



P1150516 (1)のコピー


P1150539 (1)のコピー

P1150543 (1)のコピー


P1150547 (1)

P1150556 (1)のコピー




Talk Show ” Sengoku × Meiji “

Been a busy day, doing a history related talk show and shooting a tv show at the same time. Spent the day in Gifu City with TV announcer Azuma san and renown history author Ubukata To doing a talk show in front of a packed auditorium of about 500! Both Ubukata San and I have published books on the Battle Of Sekigahara, the greatest samurai battle in history… And so we presented each other with signed copies of each other’s work. Had a book signing after the talk show too! We also got the chance to see Gifu Library’s two prized antique maps of the Sekigahara battlefield! Absolutely fantastic!








Nagoya Castle’s Honmaru Goten Palace

MC’d the opening of the final stages of the now 100% complete Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten Palace today! It opens to the public next week! This final third section is known as the Jorakuden, and was made exclusively to accommodate the Shogun on his trips between Edo (Tokyo) and the Emperor’s palace in Kyoto. Nagoya Castle’s Honmaru Goten was the finest, most elegant of all the palaces, richly decorated in gold and lacquer, with art works by the most talented of the leading Kano School of Art. Everything has been 100% authentically created by hand, by the remaining leading traditional craftsmen. Besides an audience chamber, entertainment space and sleeping rooms, it also features a steam bath. One of the highlights is the gorgeous transom, hand carved from a single slab of wood, and painted with vivid colours. This is the ultimate in samurai architecture and art! This is a must see! Enjoy these few advance photos.









My article for Japan Guide regarding the new Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten Palace,…
Japan’s most gorgeous palace!



777th time to visit Nagoya Castle!!
This time was for a magazine shoot and interview for a castle special coming out in March!







Free English Tours of Sekigahara!

Free English Tours of Sekigahara!

Thanks to Gifu Prefecture and Sekigahara Town, I’ll be hosting two free tours of Sekigahara, site of the greatest and most decisive samurai battle in history.
スクリーンショット 2018-02-24 13.40.50
The tour includes a look at the battlefields, a full English explanation of the lead up to the battle, as well as details on the battle itself, the participants, and the result of this major turning point in Japan’s history.

The itinerary is slightly different each tour, The March 10 tour offers tour members the chance to wear samurai armour and learn a number of swordfighting techniques. The March 17 tour includes working with a traditional swordsmith to make a samurai knife, which can be taken home as a souvenir.

The tour is open to non-Japanese currently residing in Japan only, and numbers are limited to the first 20 respondents for each tour. Check the details below! Bookings can be made by email to: sekigaharatours@gmail.com

Tour Navigator / Chris Glenn
Radio DJ / TV presenter

Sekigahara Tourism Ambassador, samurai history and culture researcher and author of the English book, “The Battle of Sekigahara“, Chris Glenn will guide you through the entire tour, providing information and answering any questions.


Brilliant effort by Coca Cola!!

Brilliant effort by Coca Cola, fitting right in with Nagoya’s image and branding!

Coke nagoya1

Coke nagoya2

Coke is making limited edition designs for Japan’s major cities, and this fits in with the concept I created and am pushing, marketing Nagoya as Samurai City, Nagoya…!


Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace

First day of the new year, what better way to start things off than with a visit to Nagoya Castle!

nagoya castle

The Honmaru palaces’ gold lined heron featured artworks Sagi no Roka, Heron Corridor is open!





X-mas 2018!!

Faired pretty well this X-mas,…
The swag included a rare Star Wars Trilogy edition 12 inch Boba Fett figure, signed by Jeremy Bulloch, the original actor in the suit, also a Star Wars Rogue One DVD and special figure box set, Star Wars spaceship model and a Star Wars picture book….






I guess people must think I like Star Wars! Incidentally, went to see Last Jedi for the 2nd time this evening with some friends too…


The Battle of Okehazama – Nobunaga’s Victory Road-

Just took part as guest speaker at the 457th anniversary of the Battle Of Okehazama event on the old battlefield itself.


In 1560, local warlord Oda Nobunaga with just 2,500 samurai defended his lands from an encroaching army of 25,000+ enemy Imagawa troops. (some estimates put the enemy numbers at 40,000!) On June 11, the Imagawa captured two important Oda held fortresses, establishing a firmer base with which to conquer Nobunaga’s territories. The following day, June 12, Nobunaga’s small but determined forces attacked the main headquarters of the Imagawa forces, killing their leader, Imagawa Yoshimoto. With most of the Imagawa generals also killed in this short, swift attack, the main Imagawa body was lost. This battle greatly enhanced Nobunaga’s reputation, and set him on the road to national domination.


Todays topic centered on Nobunaga, the man, as well as how he managed to topple such a huge enemy force. Great to see such a huge turnout, and to launch the new tourist route, Nobunaga’s Victory Road, following Nobunaga’s path from his castle at Kiyosu, 6km north west of Nagoya Castle, to Atsuta Shrine, where he paid his respects, before attacking the Imagawa at Okehazama in the southern suburbs of Nagoya City.


Battle of Okehazama – Nobunaga’s Victory Road-
Nobunaga's Victory Road



CHRIS GLENN PROFILEchris black&red2
Chris Glenn is a radio DJ, TV presenter, producer, narrator, MC, copywriter and columnist, helicopter pilot and Japanese historian. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia in February 1968.

In 1985, Chris was selected as a Rotary Exchange Student, spending a year in Sapporo, north Japan. On his return to Australia, he attended the South Australian School of Broadcasting, commencing his radio career with 5MU, before being headhunted to capital city Adelaide stations 5DN, 102FM, and X-FM. Returning to Japan in 1992, he was employed by Tokyo station KTYO, and from its inception in 1993, Nagoya radio stations ZIP-FM and 79.5FM Radio-i. He currently hosts one of the top three rated radio shows in Central Japan on ZIP-FM.

Apart from his regular radio work, Chris Glenn often appears on Japanese TV, in commercials and as a presenter for various programs. He is regularly called on as a presentation and motivational speaker, and as a consultant for international PR and marketing projects.

From April 1994 he was apprenticed to Master Ogawa Nobuo, one of just ten remaining samurai armor craftsmen remaining in Japan, learning samurai armor history and crafting. Chris holds Shodan (blackbelt) in the sword discipline of Kendo, is ranked Nidan, (2nd blackbelt) in Chanbara sword-fighting, and is a student of the traditional Shinpukan Dojo, studying Enmei Ryu and Owari Yagyu Shinkage Ryu styles of swordsmanship.
Chris is the author of English language book, “The Battle of Sekigahara“, the Greatest Samurai Battle in History(Booklocker, 2014).

The Japanese language book on samurai castles, “豪州人歴史愛好家、名城行く” (Published 2015, Takarajima-Sha, Tokyo ) and the Shogakukan Publishing produced semi-academic work, Samurai Castle Bilingual Guide, written in collaboration with castle expert, Professor Masayuki Miura of Hiroshima University.

He writes a weekly column in Japanese for the worlds’ most circulated newspaper, the Yomiuri Newspaper, columns on samurai history and culture for Japanese history magazine, Rekishijin, and regular articles on samurai castles for the Chunichi Newspaper. Chris contributes articles on Japanese history for a variety of other magazines, web sites and periodicals. He is the founder and editor of bilingual web magazine, Japan World, dedicated to promoting and preserving Japans’ long history, deep culture, traditions, arts and crafts.

In 2005 Chris flew a light helicopter over 12,000km from Melbourne, Australia to Nagoya Japan in the self-produced Friendship Flight 2005 project. In 2006 he produced the Samurai Festival, bringing a samurai team to Australia where the first ever proper performance of the Shutsujin-shiki, (the samurai pre-war ceremony) seen outside of Japan was shown. Similar events were staged in Los Angeles in 2009, and again in Sydney and Melbourne Australia in 2010, and became the basis for the annual Japan Expo in France. In March 2011, his piloting skills were again put to the test when he volunteered as a pilot with the HCJ (Helicopter Collective Japan) supporting relief work and bringing supplies direct to the survivors in the aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Other positions held include:
・Member of the Japan Armor and Weapons Research and Preservation Society.
・Director of the Tokai (Central Japan) branch of the Japan Armor and Weapons
Research and Preservation Society.
・Director of the Tokai Armored Samurai Warrior Team.
・Director of the Nagoya Shinsengumi Dousoukai Preservation Society.
・“Captain” of the Aichi Prefecture Warring States Samurai Team.
・Member of the Japan Castle Research Federation
・Sword instructor to the Okazaki Castle Warrior Performance Team.
・Media Director for the NPO, Helicopter Collective of Japan. (HCJ)
・Director of the Aichi Guide Network
・Sekigahara Tourism Ambassador
・Nagoya City History, Culture and Exchange Special Ambassador
・Kuwana City Mayor’s Marketing and Branding Council member
・Nagoya City Mayor’s Battle of Okehazama Preservation and Promotions Committee, member and advisor.

Further details can be obtained from Chris Glenn’s management office, PPF (Past Present Future Ltd.)

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